Denbow | innovating naturally.

Denbow is an innovative service company that specializes in the processing, delivery and installation of forest residuals.


We are proud to serve: Specifiers & Capital Project Managers, Developers & Builders, Landscapers, Schools & Municipalities, Home Owners and Agriculture Farmers & Growers.


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our history

Originally incorporated in 1981 as an agricultural and poultry supplier, Denbow has since served more than 8,000 customers throughout the province of British Columbia from our home in the Fraser Valley. Over that time, our expertise and capabilities have expanded to include other uses for forest residuals, such as landscape materials, erosion and sediment control products, and more.

Thanks to a loyal customer base, and our consistent dedication to providing an excellent service experience, we have processed and distributed more than 17 million yards of forest residuals throughout our local communities.

Denbow: innovating naturally. | Bulk Blowing Services. | Mulch. Seed. Soil. Aggregate.

what we do

Denbow is a pioneer in the beneficial reuse of trees. We receive forest residuals, process and prepare them for purchase, and deliver or install them for our diverse customer groups – The Science of Trees™

We are a sustainable company, focused on integrity and innovation. Our goal is to be transparent; listening to and engaging with our clients, ensuring we deliver the highest quality products and an exceptional service experience.

our customers

  • Poultry
  • Equine
  • Dairy
  • Fruit Growers
  • Nurseries
  • Government
  • Landscapers
  • Landscape Designers
  • Homeowners
  • Property Managers

our team

Denbow has assembled a strong technical and operations team that provides the expertise to ensure success for all their projects. We are currently home to over 40 employees involved in all aspects of processing, transportation, and installation of wood residuals. We strive to provide exceptional employee care, aiming to be an employer that continually provides growth opportunities for our employees.

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Bill Boesterd

Bill is the President and CEO of Denbow. Bill started Denbow in 1981 with a poultry transportation contract, and has grown Denbow into a full service forest-by-product and organics manufacturing and transportation company. Bill’s role as a visionary has pushed Denbow to lead the industry by introducing specialized mechanized equipment such as the Stone Slinger, Horizontal Grinder and Express Blower to the British Columbia markets.  Denbow is still very much a family run company, with some of Bill & Joanne’s kids working at Denbow day to day.

michelle mceachern denbow
Michelle McEachern

Michelle has grown up with Denbow, starting in the mid-1980’s washing trucks and working in the yard. She obtained her Class 1 license and has since been involved in every aspect of Denbow’s agriculture work: driving, installing sawdust, operating blower trucks, and dispatching.  Currently, Michelle is Denbow’s Vice President and Manager of Agriculture Services. Her experience in the field gives her a unique understanding and special rapport with our clients.

paul_vandermeer denbow
Paul VanderMeer

Paul has over 20 years of experience at Denbow, starting as a poultry hauling driver. Paul has grown into his current position of Fleet & Maintenance Manager. Paul’s responsibilities include insuring that equipment is maintained and performing as designed as well as training equipment operators to work efficiently and safely. Paul exhibits exceptional trouble-shooting skills and is a point-person and resource for operations staff company-wide.

Eldon Denbowpicfor website b&w
Eldon Goudzwaard

Eldon is our Business Manager.  In addition to overseeing finances, Eldon is experienced in the construction industry as well as transportation.  Earning his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at UFV, he was looking for a company where he could use his education and experience to grow.  Denbow was a great fit!  Since joining our team in 2011, Eldon has contributed greatly to our forward-thinking management team.

willetta_les Denbow
Willetta Les

Willetta came to Denbow in 2001, shortly after earning a Business Administration Diploma at the University of the Fraser Valley. Willetta started as Receptionist/Dispatch Assistant; growing with Denbow, she took on various administrative tasks as needed. Willetta is currently Office & Marketing Manager.

tanya_richards Denbow
Tanya Richards

When you call us, Tanya’s cheerful voice will immediately welcome you. Tanya started at Denbow in administration and reception in 2007. Recently promoted to Dispatcher, Tanya is responsible for order taking, dispatching our trucks and team efficiently. She will ensure that your order is scheduled & delivered.

steve_wurst Denbow
Steve Wurst

A Denbow driver since 1991, Steve has driven all of Denbow’s trucks over the years. After his start in live poultry hauling, Steve has taken on various roles as needed, including operating Denbow’s first Express Blower. In his current role as Foreman for the Agriculture Division, Steve is responsible for mill service, re-supply, and bulk client deliveries.

joe_kardos denbow
Joe Kardos

Joe started at Denbow in 1988 as a driver when Denbow was still hauling live poultry. Joe currently runs one of our busiest trucks, delivering push-out loads and small blower loads of sawdust. Joe serves most of Denbow’s equine clients, and is often requested by clients because of his experience and familiarity with their needs.


jim_paradis denbow
Jim Paradis

Jim is a Chartered Accountant with an MBA from UBC. He has worked with Denbow since 2008 helping us build effective business/accounting, reporting and process/control systems as well as helping non-finance managers understand financial information for better operational decision-making. He also assists Denbow in sourcing expansion capital, capital investment analysis and business risk assessment.

our values

... is who we are, how we function, and who we serve.
... surpassing our customers’ expectations is where we set OUR expectations.
... we are innovators; encouraging creative thinking, and applying it with an inventive approach in all we do.
... is demonstrated by the character of our team, and the trust our customers place in us.

corporate ecosystem

Denbow is a pioneer in the beneficial reuse of trees, processing and providing services for agriculture, landscaping and environmental solutions. We deconstruct forest residuals and re-engineer it back into the market for our diverse customer groups.

Our focus is on bark, mulch, seed and soil blowing delivery services for landscaping. Sawdust for Agricultural berry fields as well as bedding for horse, poultry, and cattle barns. Our green infrastructure focuses squarely on the environment includes green walls, erosion control and streambank stabilization.

We offer quality prepared product lines for purchase and installation, as well as an exceptional customer experience that is grounded upon 30+ years of industry knowledge.